Thursday, January 7, 2016


On January 2 of last year, as protests took place across Germany against Muslim immigration or 'Islamization' of the West, the lights of Cologne Cathedral were shut off in protest of the protesters. One day short of a year later, Germany found itself shocked as numerous German women were assaulted on New Years' Eve by scores -- up to a thousand reportedly -- of drunken men of Middle Eastern or North African origin, in that very same city, right outside that very same cathedral. One eyewitness even reported that some of the men were shooting at the cathedral.

A police report described scenes in Cologne of "crying women fleeing sexual molestation from crowds of men, passersby trying to rescue young girls from being raped, women running through a gantlet crowds of heavily drunk men in order to escape, and groups of intoxicated men throwing bottles and fireworks at a police force no longer in control of the situation."

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