Sunday, July 21, 2013

Mission Statement

There are many ways I suppose I could describe what I intend this blog to be about. For now, all I will say is that, ultimately, I intend for it to be about what Arnold writes about in his poem Dover Beach. Or perhaps, the effort to live in the face of what Arnold writes about. If that sounds heavy, I apologize. I hope there will be as much 'lightness' in what I post here, to borrow a term of particular importance to Arnold, although I don't know if I am using it with the same intent he had in mind. I intend to write some of my own things, but for now, I will just start off by posting or posting about things I am reading or things I have read from other writers, which I believe are of particular importance. The writer that I will be posting about the most, at least at the start, will probably be G.K. Chesterton...

I am naming this blog The Outline of Sanity. That may change. But I think it fits my purpose well. I take the title from a series of essays by Chesterton about the political philosophy of Distributism. In creating the website address for this blog, I used two particular words: 'insomnium', and 'creatura'. The are the Latin words for 'nightmare', and 'creature'. Both words seem to carry a macabre sense about them, although, while I am not necessarily trying to be macabre, I am recognizing and embracing those senses of the words; yet there are other reasons I am using them as well. 'Nightmare' is a theme that recurs throughout the writings of Chesterton, and 'creatura', while it invokes a sense of the merely animalistic when rendered in our language, also invokes the idea of Creation.

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